FREE Workshop

FREE Workshop to help improve the results of your Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns.

ASTRO has more than 17 years experience helping clients in different sectors grow their business. Having worked for clients in an array of sectors such as e-commerce, real estate, sports, education, recruitment, amongst others we have proven track record to optimise results in platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads.

In 2024 we are looking to grow our business and to show our expertise we are giving a select number of companies the opportunity to do a free workshop with one of our senior consultants.

The workshop will be tailored to your needs and the idea is to dig deep into a specific challenge you are currently facing with your campaigns.

These can be some examples of challenges you may be currently facing:

  • Measurement: I am not sure if the data I am collecting through my pixels and in my analytics tools is correct and therefore I am unable to optimise my campaigns accordingly.
  • Attribution and profitability: As I have various campaigns active in various channels I do not know what is actually driving most profitability. Where should I be prioritising my budget?
  • Quality of leads: I generate leads though my paid campaigns but the quality of leads is low. How can I improve the quality of leads that I am generating?
  • Audience segmentation: I don't think I am impacting the right audience. I need to improve the quality of traffic coming from my paid campaign.
  • Performance Max: I am investing in Google Ads Performance Max campaigns, but I have limited knowledge of how to maximise results from this type of campaign.
  • Prioritising products: I have a large number of product inventory but I am not currently prioritising which products to sell through Shopping campaigns. I need to prioritise which products to sell in my paid campaigns.
  • Lack of proactivity: I need new ideas I can apply to my current paid media strategy to improve results.

Workshop format:

  • Discovery call: An initial call to understand your main challenges and get a better understanding of your business and your current situation.
  • Account access: We would provide feedback on which accounts we would need access to start our analysis.
  • Validate problems we have identified: Once we have access and looked at the data we will validate the initial problems we commented on the discovery call.
  • Analysis phase: We will start our deep dive into the numbers analysing the problem(s) and start looking for solutions.
  • Present back our findings: Presentation with our findings and action points we recommend.

If this is of interest fill in the following form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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